AFERIY ‎‎AF-S200A1 Portable Solar Panel 200W

SKU: AF-S200A1
  • Conversion Efficiency Up to 23%
  • Fast Charging with 200W Solar Power
  • Long-lasting material with Monocrystalline Silicon Cells
  • Durable Design with IP65 Waterproof Rating
  • Foldable Design with Adjustable Kickstands for Easy Setup
  • Portable and Lightweight for Easy Transportation
  • Versatile Ports including USB and Anderson DC
  • Harness Green, Free, and Renewable Energy:
  • Compatible with Most Solar Generators using MC4 Connectors
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Subtotal: €269,00

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    AFERIY ‎‎AF-S200A1 Portable Solar Panel 200W

    AFERIY ‎‎AF-S200A1 Portable Solar Panel 200W

    €369,00 €269,00

    AFERIY ‎‎AF-S200A1 Portable Solar Panel 200W

    €369,00 €269,00

    200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    AFERIY 200W foldable portable solar panel uses the most advanced  monocrystalline cells and converts sunlight directly into electricity. It is renewable energy, green, pollution-free, and low-cost. The conversion efficiency can reach up to 23%. It is lightweight, foldable, IP65 waterproof and easy to carry. AFERIY S200A1 200W solar panel can  power your home whenever power outages occur & power all your outdoor activities.


    23% High Efficiency

    AFERIY 200W solar panel PV modules is made of the latest monocrystalline solar cells, covering a new material with a light transmittance of 99%, and the conversion efficiency of up to 23%, charging faster than ordinary solar panels. Solar energy can be stored in a rechargeable portable power station and charge moest of your devices. It can be used as a solar generator solution for emergency home backup power and off-grid living power.


    Lightweight, Foldable and Portable

    Lightweight, compact and foldable. The AFERIY 200W portable solar panel can be folded and stored in a storage bag. The storage bag is equipped with a handle and weighs only 4.5kg. making it easy to carry wherever you go. That means faster and easier charging no matter where you are. There is a storage pocket on the back, which can store small items such as cables in addition to accessories.


    Adjustable Kickstand for Easy to Install and Use

    AFERIY solar pv panels come with adjustable kickstand. Set up and adjust the solar panel to the best angle facing the sun to maximize the use of sunlight to improve the charging effect, and then you can use solar energy to charge your device. And you can also combine multiple solar panels and use them in series or in parallel. It is the perfect companion for outdoor travel.


    Waterproof & Durable

    AFERIY 200W solar photovoltaic panel has excellent IP65 waterproof and dustproof performance, MWT technology lamination design to increase solar cell and module efficiency, and the light transmittance is as high as 99%. It can fast charge your portable power station even in bad weather conditions. Designed for outdoor use, it's perfect for outdoor camping, off-grid living, hiking or home yards, gardens, and more.


    5-in-1 Multiple Output Method

    AFERIY S200 Foldable Portable Solar Panel 200W has a total of 5 output interfaces, such as 2 USB A, 1 USB C, 1 DC5521 and 1 MC4-Anderson interface. AFERIY S200 solar panel works with a portable power station to convert solar energy into electricity and store it in a portable power station. It quickly powers devices like your e-bike, electric car, camping refrigerator, cell phone, and laptop.

    Green and Renewable Power

    Solar power system uses solar energy to reduce costs and reduce environmental impact of energy use. The solar generator with battery panels directly converts sunlight into electricity and stores it in the AFERIY portable power station, which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of solar energy. AFERIY 200W foldable solar panel can provide enough green, renewable electricity anytime and anywhere.

    Package Contents

    Comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and lifetime technical support from the date of purchase. The package contains: 1*AFERIY S200A1 200W Solar Panel, 1* User Manual, MC-4 cable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Conny Alkemade
    Firm and solid solar panel

    I use it in combination with the P210 powerstation, and it provides me with all the power I need for the campervan. Also very happy with how Aferiy handles the orders: very adequate and correct updates during the proces! Thanks 🙏🏻

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